• 3 Years of Startup Braga
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They say it takes a village to raise a child. This quite fits Startup Braga: it took the absolute dedication of a whole ecosystem to create the Startup Braga community as we know it today. It all started with a big dream. A dream supported by the trust in the potential of a city and in the talent of a country. It’s been quite a journey, with a lot of bright and incredible people crossing this path, making it impossible for us to be prouder of what we all have been building together.

With this report, we want to deepen the understanding of the development of Startup Braga’s community, as well as to learn how to organize and plan the strategy for the upcoming years. This report also contributes to the analysis of our major achievements and challenges which will highly help us to improve. But when we say our achievements, we mean our startup’s achievements: because, in the end of the day, they are all that matters here.

About Startup Braga

Above all, we are a community. A community whose main purpose is to support the creation and growth of tech-based companies, focused on digital economy, medtech and nanotech. We promote incubation, pre-acceleration and acceleration with a number of mentors and partners who have been walking side by side with us.

Our Foundations


we love startups that work silently and non-stop to deliver the most impactful solutions to the market;

Straight-As Class

quality over quantity. Always;

Speed and Stamina

energy is our middle name;

We Are a Family

and so, we care about each other. We help and contribute to everyone’s success;

Make it or break it

it’s all about results right?
If you’re not getting it, you’re doing it wrong.


Three years and countless stories. The major milestones:

Startup Braga’s Ecossystem: show me the numbers!

Current startups in the community

Supported startups so far

Startups currently in the building

Incubated startups since ever

Mentors and specialists

Scaleups in the ecosystem


Training hours


Programs applications


Acceleration Programs

The Profile of the Community






Number of people



11 different languages are spoken daily by our community.

% of Startups that have founders with PHDs

% of Founders with PHDs

% of Startups that have founders with MBAs

% of Founders with MBAs

Informatics: 29,09%
Healthcare and Biotech: 18,18%
Other Engineerings: 17,58%
Economy, Business and Management: 10,30%
Communication and Design: 6,06%
Other: 18,79%

Favorite treat

Pausa’s Chocolate Brownie

Best perk in the office

ping-pong table



76.200 sent messages

on Slack

The Profile of the Startups


Physical presence in Braga
No physical presence in Braga


23% of our Startups have international HQs and/or offices.


Marketplace: 20,00%
Enterprise IT: 18,46%
SaaS: 15,38%
Hardware: 15,38%
Medical device: 12,31%
Mobile app: 10,77%
Hardware & Mobile: 3,08%
Other: 4,62%

Digital Economy (%)

Healthtech (%)

Nanotechnology (%)


From the startups already selling.

Total Revenue: 11.8M €


Total Exports


Internationalized startups


Startups Fully dedicated to international markets (> 90%)


Number of countries they export to



Funding raised in total: 13.7M €

Funded startups: 67%








In need for some closure?


These first years have been insane. Insanely good, we mean. And after taking a look into the biggest numbers, shouldn’t we reflect a little on what’s going on here?

It’s rather curious to notice the average age of our founders. Forget about that old idea of those dropout millennials: we’re talking about many grown-up people with professional experience who have decided to start their own projects.

When it comes to sales, we’ve noticed that 55% of our startups are actually selling. We know it’s not the totality of them but it’s easily understandable if you think of two major factors: firstly, the specificities of the industries (highly regulated markets, highly demanding product development translating in longer time to market than the usual); secondly, it’s important to be aware of the average lifetime of the startups in our community: 15 months, to be precise. They are aged between 0 and 3 years and so the presented figures show how outstandingly well things have been working out - more than half of them are already selling, showing the importance of early sales as the project’s proof-of-concept, so to speak.

53% of all our startups’ sales are dedicated to exportation. In a relatively small country like Portugal - with only 10 million inhabitants - young managers believe that exporting is the best way of expanding their startups’ revenue. 42% of our startups are already selling abroad and 20% of them are almost totally focused on external markets (admitting 90 - 100% of sales in foreign markets).


As the volume of exports increase, there is often a necessity for startups to expand their physical presence abroad – either by moving their headquarters or simply by creating a new office outside Portugal. 23% of our startups are present outside of our country, taking the entrepreneurial Portuguese movement to the next level.


Talking about funding, since May 2014, 67% of our startups were able to raise almost €14M (mostly from the private sector, and a bit from the State/EU). This means that part of the investment has been translated into 368 new jobs whether as founders or workers, with a 6 people average per startup in our community.


Lastly, acceleration has proven to be one of Startup Braga’s most valuable contributes to the ecosystem. We can’t miss the facts: startups which took part of it show higher revenue, investment and more created jobs. Hence, three years later and after four editions, we are sure that we will continue to do our best in order to deliver acceleration programs focusing on growth, on sales and on a global mindset.


But we couldn’t say goodbye before this last note:

To all the partners who have helped us build such a strong community of hardworking and talented people: thank you! Our special thanks, too, to all mentors and specialists for their huge contribute in our growing up process. To all the startups, for trusting us the enormous responsibility of this guidance.

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