Roadshow Startup Braga - Workshops (Braga, Porto, Lisboa)

Do you accept the challenge to join us to explore how to bring innovation to people's lives?
Startup Braga is visiting Portuguese universities to meet researchers, innovators, students and entrepreneurs looking for help to bring their technology-based products into the market. Startup Braga programs span across innovation phase till startup acceleration to reach global markets, with a focus in the areas of Digital Economy, Health Tech, and Nano Tech.
Meet us, discover how you can join our programs, and take a quick dive in some of the innovation methodologies we work.
Workshops Design Thinking from Research to Product 
(Registration required)
Univ. Minho - Gualtar - Escola de Ciências da Saúde - Sept 23 - 10:00AM
Univ. Minho - Azurem - Sept 23 - 2:00PM
Univ. Minho - Azurem - Sept 24 - 10:00AM
Integrated in local event. Registrations not available.
Univ. Porto - Faculdade de Farmácia - Sept 27 - 10:30AM
Univ. Porto - INECT TEC - Sept 27 - 3:00PM
More locations to come!
- Should I join?
Every student, research or entrepreneur with an innovation drive should join, even if not currently with a project. The workshop suits anyone building or starting their startup, or even defining their thesis focus.