Makerspace Braga - A Talk about Makers

Do you know what a makerspace is?

Usually it is a place for collaborative work that is open to everyone that would like to be part of the community and work on learning, exploring and sharing with hight tech or no tech tools.

These spaces are more often associated to places with high tech equipments, such as 3D printers, CNC machines, sewing machines or soldering irons. However this is not crucial to a makerspace. The most crucial and important thing that should be considered in a makerspace is the maker MINDSET.

This will be the first Makerspace that will be held in Braga to starting gathering a community so this would improve over time.


18:30 - A Talk for Makers:

What's a makerspace? What's it for, who uses it, pratical examples. Do we need a Makerspace in Braga?

19:00 - Q & A + Discussion

19:30 - Networking

20:00 - End

The Speaker will be Ricardo Lobo from the https://www.lcdporto.org/ and the moderator will beGustavo Oliveira.