The Growth Series - Medical Device Design to Manufacturing w/ Michael Pereira

Michael Pereira will tell you how a startup can design and manufacture a medical device from idea to market.
In this workshop, Michael will share his experience in the design of several medical devices in his company, Ximedica, and help medical device startups understand what is needed to build a medical device that succeeds in the market. What should be the design focus? How can a startup product be ready to be acquired by a larger company? How to scale manufacture?
Do you know Michael?
As head of technology and operations, Michael leads Ximedica’ s product development service and manufacturing operation and is responsible for ensuring the proper execution of the programs and ensuring that their overall goals, as well as their technical, financial, operational, quality, and compliance metrics are achieved by Ximedica’ s management and teams. Michael emphasizes Ximedica’s philosophy of cross -functional collaboration with our clients, continuous improvement of our processes and quality system and being accountable for delivering superior products.
Michael has over 20 years of product development and manufacturing experience and has been at Ximedica for 15 years. During his tenure at Ximedica, he has been involved in the development of hundreds of medical and consumer products in a variety of roles, including Lead Engineer, Program Manager, and Head of Program Management and Engineering.
This is an event for all the startup community: we're waiting for your participation.
In partnership with Startup Braga, The Growth Series brings workshops with international expertise in growing a startup business, product and partners to reach international markets.