Launchpad Pitch Day - Startup Nano 17´

Promoted by INL and CeNTI in partnership with Startup Braga, Startup Nano has received its first batch of Startups based on nanotechnology. 9 projects were selected to enter the Launchpad stage, working during 10 weeks with mentors and coaches aiming at validating their technologies and business models.


13h30-14h00 - Registration

14h00-14h15 - Welcome Notes Startup Nano

14h15-14h45 - Keynote (Eric Mayes)

14h45-15h45 - Pitch (5 Startups)

15h45-16h00 - Coffee Break

16h00-17h00 - Pitch (4 Startups)

17h00-18h00 - NanoFika (Traditional Swedish Gathering with Coffee)

17h20 - Winner Announcement

Who are the teams?

BIOFABICS - Give to 3D bioreactors on demand for personalizable organ-on-chip devices

PuriMem - New generation of active membranes for removal of targeted water pollutants. 

Lumer - The first smart electrical lighter to have always in your pocket

ActiveBioreactor - A new active bioreactor for tissue engineering in closer to in-vivo conditions.

INBICTUM - Technical, functional and smart clothes with a special focus on nanoparticles-embedded textiles. 

Soft Orthotic Device - An active compression sleeve to treat upper limb lymphedema.

EmotAI - Mind coaching app service and band that improves the performance of egamers/eSports athletes

Magsense - Novel polymer-based magnetoelectric (ME) composites for the new generation of magnetic sensors, actuators, and energy harvesters.

Smart Separations - A proprietary ceramic microfilter platform technology to be used from clean air to cell separation applications.

Who is the Jury?

Braz Costa, CeNTI Director

Lars Montelius, INL Director

Carlos Oliveira, Startup Braga/Invest Braga President

Eric Mayes, CEO Endomag