Startup Braga and INL together in an initiative that intends to value entrepreneurship in Braga

The inspiration for the initiative, which once again brought Startup Braga and INL together, was given by the desire to bring entrepreneurs and scientists together through the promotion of sharing sessions and workshops. From now on, and on a regular basis, the two entities get together for the Sciencepreneurs Initiative. The first session took place this Thursday, March 25th.

Designed to provide INL scientists and entrepreneurs from the Startup Braga community with tools to help them develop and consolidate their businesses, the Sciencepreneurs sessions will bring together professionals in the field of business idea development, researchers and entrepreneurs from Startup Braga. The first one was dedicated to the tools that allow entrepreneurs to take their idea to market and counted with the participation of Elisabete Sá, professor at the University of Minho, Angel Garrorena Crisóstomo, CEO of the Spanish company Lean Sales, and Luís Ferreira, European patent specialist at Patentree.

Open to the INL and Startup Braga communities, the sessions will always have workshops led by mentors, experts and partners of both entities.